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Have you developed a new product, process or service?

If so, you may be eligible to claim back up to 33% of all expenditure.
The R&D Tax Initiative is designed to help boost innovation within the UK Economy. The term ‘R&D’ suggests noteworthy scientific or technological advancement, in truth, most companies and sectors are qualified to claim.

R&D tax credits can provide an important source of funding through cash reimbursement or tax deduction for companies developing products, processes and services. It’s one of the biggest tax reliefs available to SMEs and can be worth up to 33.35% of a company’s R&D expenditure.

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Why Grantly?

At Grantly, we help businesses to claim their R&D tax credits. However, unlike many other websites you see on the Internet related to R&D, we do not offer R&D tax credits ourselves instead, we connect our customers to the best R&D tax relief advisors.

Have you noticed many companies are charging up to 30% of your claim amount? The fact is, there are many honest R&D advisors, but today most companies are here to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses who don't have time for proper due diligence. 

Did you know? 

Many customers end up paying up to 30% claim value to R&D Service providers. With our service, you only have to pay a fixed price regardless of the price...

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After experiencing the same, The founder of Grantly decided to change this by offering a service which: 

1. Finds honest, Legit and Top R&D advisors 

2. Connects businesses looking for R&D with the R&D advisors who don't charge you an arm and leg. 

Our services are 100% Free for businesses seeking R&D tax credits! 

We simply charge our partner R&D advisors a percentage of the fee that they charge you after a successful claim. 

We are proud to mention that our partners also share our vision of not taking advantage of small businesses and only charge a fair fee only after a claim is successful.

Step 1

Arrange a free eligibility call with our R&D Tax Specialist

Step 2

Collect Financial and Technical Data required for R&D Report

Step 3

HMRC processes and approves client's R&D Tax Relief

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