Thank you for your application. We have passed your details to our specialist advisors. Your application is now being assessed by our specialist, who will be in contact with you very soon. To stop our co-workers being overloaded with duplicate quote requests, we suggest that you do not apply with any other companies until we have completed this search for you. If your quote request is made outside office hours, normally 9 am to 5 pm (Monday-Friday), you will be contacted first thing the next morning. We endeavour to provide the best customer service for all queries, therefore please do not signup with any other companies until you have heard from us.

What is your current financial state?

Annually, how much do you spend on innovation?

We estimate your claim to be worth


(This figure may vary depending on your actual reported figures)

Sample Areande calculations:

Profit-making SME with £50,000 innovation spend:

£50,000 x 130% Expense Enhancement = £65,000

£65,000 (Enhanced Expense Value) x 19% Corporation Tax = £12,500

Loss-making SME with £50,000 innovation spend:

£50,000 x 230% Expense Enhancement = £115,000

£65,000 (Enhanced Expense Value) x 14.5% R&D Surrender Rate = £16,675

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